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Watercolor Flowers
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Watercolor Flowers

Destin Mobile Makeup Box is the premier makeup studio in Destin and in the Emerald Coast area. Book us for your wedding day, engagement photos, glamour shots, family photos, boudoir, black tie events, bachelorette night out and many more fun memories!

Watercolor Flowers
Photo Gallery
The Island Shoot 1
The Island Shoot 2
The Island Shoot 3
Berfered Wedding 1
Berfered Wedding 2
Alyssa's Wedding 1
Alyssa's Wedding 2
Mooney Wedding 1
Mooney Wedding 2
Maggies Wedding 2
Maggies Wedding 1
Keeley Wedding 1
Keeley Wedding 2
Alamillo Wedding 2
Alamillo Wedding 1
Emily S Wedding 1
Emily S Wedding 2
Rachels Wedding 2
Rachels Wedding 1
Sadler 1
Sadler 2
Zay 1
Zay 2
Herman Wedding 1
Mackenzie 1
Mackenzie 2
Victoria 2
Victoria 1
Taylor's Wedding 2
Taylor's Wedding 1
Corrie's Wedding 2
Corrie's Wedding 1
Kayla's Wedding
Paige's Wedding 2
Paige's Wedding 1
Styled Shoot 1
Styled Shoot 2
Styled Shoot 3
Styled Shoot 4
Bri's Wedding 1
Bri's Wedding 2
Bri's Wedding 3
Michele's Wedding 2
Michele's Wedding 1
Ashley's Wedding 1
Ashley's Wedding 2
Ashley's Wedding 3
Keighley's Wedding 3
Keighley's Wedding 1
Keighley's Wedding 2
Ashley's Wedding 2
Ashley's Wedding 1
Madeline's Wedding 3
Madeline's Wedding 2
Madeline's Wedding 1
Lauren’s Wedding 3
Lauren’s Wedding 1
Lauren’s Wedding 2
Alyssa’s Wedding 3
Alyssa’s Wedding 2
Alyssa’s Wedding 1
Haley’s Wedding 3
Haley’s Wedding 1
Katy’s Wedding 1
Katy’s Wedding 2
Katy’s Wedding 3
Molly’s Wedding 1
Molly’s Wedding 2
Molly’s Wedding 3
Griffith Wedding 3
Griffith Wedding 1
Griffith Wedidng 2
Anna's Wedding 1
Anna's Wedding 2
Anna's Wedding 3
Jen’s Wedding 1
Jen’s Wedding 2
Jen’s Wedding 3
Ray Wedding 1
Ray Wedding 2
Ray Wedding 3
Ward Wedding 1
Ward Wedding 2
Ward Wedding 3
Ward Wedding 4
Beatrice's Wedding 3
Beatrice's Wedding 1
Beatrice's Wedding 2
Jenn's Wedding 1
Jenn's Wedding 2
Jenn's Wedding 3
Wandrow Wedding 1
Wandrow Wedding 2
Wandrow Wedding 3
Morgans Wedding 3
Morgan's Wedding 2
Morgan's Wedding 1
Cailyn's Wedding 1
Trista's Wedding 2
Trista's Wedding 1
Lizzie's Wedding 3
Lizzie's Wedding 2
Lizzie's Wedding 1
Emily's Wedding 1
Emily's Wedding 2
Emily's Wedding 3
Emily's Wedding 4
Brooke's Wedding 2
Brooke's Wedding 1
Molly's Wedding 1
Ashley's Wedding 1
Ashley's Wedding 2
Ashley's Wedding 3
Ashley's Wedding 4
Ashley's Wedding 5
Bailey's Wedding 1
Bailey's Wedding 2
Bailey's Wedding 3
Bailey's Wedding 4
Natalie's Wedding 1
Natalie's Wedding 2
Natalie's Wedding 3
Bailey's Wedding 5
Meredith's Wedding 1
Meredith's Wedding 2
Meredith's Wedding 3
Meredith's Wedding 4
Welch Wedding 1
Welch Wedding 3
Welch Wedding 3
Welch Wedding 3
Welch Wedding 2
Tran Wedding 4
Tran Wedding 3
Tran Wedding 2
Tran Wedding 1
Anslee's Wedding 3
Anslee's Wedding 1
Anslee's Wedding 2
Rachel's Wedding 4
Rachel's Wedding 3
Rachel's Wedding 2
Rachel's Wedding 1
Melodie's Wedding 1
Melodie's Wedding 2
Melodie's Wedding 3
Gracie's Wedding 4
Gracie's Wedding 5
Gracie's Wedding 4
Gracie's Wedding 3
Stephanie's Wedding 1
Stephanie's Wedding 2
Stephanie's Wedding 3
Stephanie's Wedding 4
Stephanie's Wedding 5
Stephanie's Wedding 6
Erika's Wedding 4
Erika's Wedding 2
Erika's Wedding 1
Erika's Wedding 3
Kelly's Wedding 1
Kelly's Wedding 2
Kelly's Wedding 3
Kelly's Wedding 4
Kelly's Wedding 5
Kelly's Wedding 6
Leah's Wedding 1
Leah's Wedding 2
Leah's Wedding 3
Leah's Wedding 4
Amy and Justin's Wedding 3
Amy and Justin's Wedding 2
Amy and Justin's Wedding 1
Stacie's Wedding 4
Stacie's Wedding 3
Stacie's Wedding 2
Stacie's Wedding 1
Angela's Wedding 1
Angela's Wedding 4
Angela's Wedding 2
Angela's Wedding 3
Henderson Wedding 1
Henderson Wedding 2
Henderson Wedding 3
Henderson Wedding 4
Henderson Wedding 5
Henderson Wedding 6
Henderson Wedding 7
Henderson Wedding 8
Seaside Wedding 4
Seaside Wedding
Seaside Wedding 5
Seaside Wedding 3
Lingo Wedding
Lingo Wedding
Lingo Wedding
Lingo Wedding
Lingo Wedding
Lingo Wedding
Lingo Wedding
Lingo Wedding
Peining Wedding
Peining Wedding
Peining Wedding
Peining Wedding
Peining Wedding
Parker Wedding
Kim F.
Megan C.
Megan C.
Parker Wedding
Parker wedding
Olivia A
Mother and Child Shoot
Emily S.
Emily S.
Cherry Wedding
Cherry Wedding
Cherry Wedding
Cherry Wedding
Cherry Wedding
Cherry Wedding
 Destin Beach Photography SAN_8466-Edit
Nancy and Billie Wedding
Nancy and Billie Wedding
Nancy and Billie Wedding
Cindie Jsanssen Wedding
Cindie Jsanssen Wedding
Cindie Jsanssen Wedding
Cindie Jsanssen Wedding
Cindie Jsanssen Wedding
Marino Wedding
Marino Wedding
Marino Wedding
Marino Wedding
Patterson Wedding
Patterson Wedding
Patterson Wedding
Patterson Wedding
Saul Wedding 3
Saul Wedding 2
Saul Wedding 1
Rachel's Wedding 1
Rachel's Wedding 2
Rachel's Wedding 3
Morgan's Wedding 2
Morgan's Wedding 3
Morgan's Wedding 1
Sidney's Wedding 1
Sidney's Wedding 2


Watercolor Flowers

Hi, I am Brittany Sigler, Owner of Destin/30a Mobile Makeup Box! Welcome to our website! We hope you stay awhile, view some pictures and read some reviews about us!

We are an on-site hair and makeup artistry team located out of Destin, Florida, servicing the Florida Panhandle in areas such as 30a, Santa Rosa Beach, Sandestin, Miramar, Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Navarre, Pensacola, and Gulf Shores. All team members are licensed and trained to specifically cater to bridal hair and makeup needs. I live here in the area and am hands on with my team. We train and work together and have one common goal--to give our best to our brides each and every day! (Please note: We are not a booking agency. We pride ourselves in being a team that works together and shares a common passion for bridal beauty!)

I once was a destination bride coming to Destin to get married on the Emerald Coast, so I know firsthand how important it is to hand pick each vendor and the process of trust and a relationship throughout the year up until your wedding date. We would be honored to have you as one of our brides for 2022 and consider it a priviledge to work with you! We use only the most prestigious brands of cosmetics and hair products in the industry to help withstand the heat and humidity on the beach! All products in our makeup kits are some of our favorites such as Temptu, MAC, Urban Decay, Too Faced, Becca, and many more! Plus, as our gift to you, every bride receives a free touch up kit!

With over 14 years in the beauty industry, my heart is set on doing what I love which is bridal hair and makeup. After being with Estee Lauder Companies for a little over 8 years (traveling the Southeast for 3 of those as an Account Coordinator and Regional Makeup Artist), to being a Store Director at Sephora for five years, and then extending my career to be licensed in the beauty industry here in Florida, I have been able to master any makeup look and technique such as airbrush makeup, HD foundation makeup, highlight/contour, tattoo coverup, false lashes and application, and many more trends. I strive to coach and mentor the team to adopt the same techniques that I value so much.

I am also the proud creator of my very own makeup line, Consecrated Cosmetics! From matte lipstays, to creamy pigmented shadows, and HD setting powder, I have created a line to inspire and encourage women to not only find their outer beauty, but their inner beauty as well!

Now booking all of 2022 and 2023!



Bridal Brunch Delivery Service

blue magnolia 5.jpg

We partner with Blue Magnolia, a father-daughter dynamic duo, who is our exclusive bridal brunch and charcuterie referral! Relax and let the food be delivered to you on the day of the event while you are getting ready for the ultimate pampering experience! They offer an array of selections including charcuterie boards, gourmet sandwiches, veggie/fruit trays, s’mores boards and many more! Call them today at 850-502-7406 or DM on Instagram

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Wedding rehersal and Day of Catering

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Check out my husband’s company, Emerald Coast Boil Company, for your wedding rehearsal or wedding day catering needs! The best boil on the beach! They have many options to choose from such as cooking on-site, drop off at the beach, or deliver straight to your home or condo! Now offering barbecue as well as seafood boils! 


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Phone: 850-865-9698


4012 Commons Dr W

Destin, FL 32541


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